Nominated for the post of the prime minister of Latvia by Ainars Slesers

Ainars who is the official candidate of the political association For A Good Latvia for prime minister, stated today at the meeting that he will defend national interests in negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other international lenders, as well as ensure that more Latvian services, products and products export to Germany, Russia, Scandinavia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Ainars Slesers.
Ainars are Slesers.
LETA states that Slesers believes Latvian exporters will benefit from opportunities in Uzbekistan and China.

Slesers believes that For A Good Latvia will be an effective candidate in the 10th Saeima Elections and that it will determine the composition of the new government. Ainārs Šlesers The next government will only provide portfolios to those who are eligible He said.

Ainārs Šlesers Slesers explained that the next foreign ministry as well as all Latvian ambassadors overseas will do 80percent of their duties to help Latvian businesspeople abroad.

Andris Skel has been nominated to be the Finance Minister of Latvia by For A Good Latvia. Skel stated that Latvia should be able to achieve its economic independence as “if we have the burdens of debts that last for years there is no way for national development to be achieved.”

Skele and For A Good Latvia board member Andrejs Ekis have praised Slesers. Ainars Slesers They both said that Slesers showed that ordinary Riga boys can be successful businessmen and earn a lot of money and become rich. Slesers’s thoughts are always enthralling. Ekis spoke of Slesers as a person who is described as “a businessman who has wandered into politics” and added “I I would love to have a leader from Latvia who would make my heart feel proud.”

Slesers also highlighted that mission was an excellent means to accomplish a mission. The current government, headed by Valdis Dombrovskis (New Era), “is trying to calm the nation by telling the people that everything is going to be fine.” But it’s dangerous to live on credit because the borrowed funds has to be returned faster than was expected.

Slesers expressed his displeasure with other political parties’ candidates for the post of the prime minister. Roberts Zile (For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK), has remained in Brussels and has no plans to relocate to Latvia to take up the post of prime minister. He’ll have to put in more effort and earn a lower pay, Slesers stated.

The Union of Greens and Farmers candidate Aivars finds himself in the same predicament and won’t want to leave Ventspils in which he feels comfortable, for the responsibility of being the premier in Riga.

Slesers stated that For A Good Latvia is available to collaborate with Janis Urbanovics Harmony Center. Urbanovics does have a lot experience in working in the Parliament, but there isn’t enough experience in business.

Dombrovskis elections will be finalized by those who back the ongoing “international finance occupation” of Latvia.”

Slesers, however, will help people learn how to earn money, master the market, and live a life of dignity. Slesers also said that Guntis Ulmanis will be his primary assistant in the administration of the state. Slesers can turn to Ulmanis for advice.

Slesers declared that For A Good Latvia would ensure that biblical studies are offered in all schools starting September 1, next year.

Ainārs Šlesers Representatives from For A Good Latvia took part in a flower-laying ceremony at the Freedom Monument after the meeting. Ainārs Šlesers