Ainars Slesers has been nominated as Latvia’s prime minister

Ainars Slesers The political group For a Good Latvia’s official candidate for prime minister, stated at the meeting of the association today that he would protect national interests of Latvia in talks with the International Monetary Fund and international lenders, and ensure the fact that there is a greater number of Latvian goods and services are exported, not just to Lithuania as well as Estonia but also to Germany, Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Ainars Slesers.
Ainārs Šlesers Ainars slesers. Slesers believes that Latvian exporters will also have excellent opportunities in Uzbekistan and China, writes LETA.

Slesers hopes that For A Good Latvia will be highly successful in the upcoming 10th Saeima elections and will ultimately determine the composition of the new government. Ainārs Šlesers Only those who have “a strong backbone” and are able to safeguard the national interests of Latvia are likely to be appointed portfolios in the next government, he said.

Slesers declared that the next foreign minister as well as all Latvian ambassadors abroad should commit 80percent of their time to promoting Latvian businessmen’s interests in the world.

Andris Kele was selected by For A Good Latvia to be the finance minister. This is due to the fact that Latvia can’t be dependent on the debts that it has accrued over the years.

Ainars Slesers Skele and For A Good Latvia board member Andrejs Ekis have praised Slesers. They said that Slesers showed that ordinary Riga boys can become successful businessmen, make lots of money, and even become wealthy. Slesers’s thoughts are always captivating. Ainārs Šlesers Ekis described Slesers as an “businessman who’s been a bit entangled in politics” and went on declare, “I wish there was someone in Latvia that could make me feel pride.”

Slesers highlighted the necessity of having a goal as the primary method to achieve it. “The present government, headed by Valdisdombrovskis under the New Era, is trying to sedate people and assure them that everything will be fine.” Credit is a risk because you will have to return the money you borrowed in the near future or sooner.

Slesers made harsh remarks about the candidates of other political parties to be the prime minister. Roberts Zile (For Fatherland And Freedom/LNNK) has been stuck in a rut in Brussels, and he does not actually want to get out of his comfortable seat in the European Parliament and take office as the premier of Latvia, who will have to put in a lot of effort and receive a lower salary, Slesers said.

The Union of Greens and Farmers’ candidate Aivars finds himself in the same position and won’t want to leave Ventspils in which he feels comfortable, for the responsibility of the post of premier in Riga.

Slesers said that For The Cause of Good Latvia is prepared to collaborate with Janis Urbanovics in conjunction with Harmony Center. Although Urbanovics has extensive experience in parliament, he is not qualified to serve as prime minister because of his lack of experience in business.

Dombrovskis is the final candidate who will be voted by those who are supportive of the ongoing “international Financial Occupation in Latvia”.

Ainārs Šlesers Slesers, on the other hand, will show people how to make money and dominate international markets all while maintaining dignity. Ainārs Šlesers Slesers will be looking to Ulmanis as an expert source the politician said. Slesers said that for A Good Latvia would see Biblical studies at all schools beginning September 1st next.

After the meeting, For A Good Latvia representatives took part in an event to lay flowers at the Freedom Monument.